I've always felt like I was being torn in many directions. Forced to be the mediator, stuck in the middle of the fight. Call me Referee. I do music to live.

 I’m a guitar player and I absolutely love to sing. I cut my teeth playing guitar for all sorts of rock & roll groups and have had the opportunity to share the stage with a growing list of incredibly talented folks. 
I’ve also spent the past 10 years getting really familiar with my voice and what I love most about singing. Nearly 2500 shows in that time have taught me so much. You see, nearly 10 years ago I fell in love with the most amazing woman and it started the chain of life that would soon give us not one, but two amazingly beautiful daughters and send me to a place in my head where I had to find a way to make music continue to not just drive and inspire me but to sustain a life for my precious family. 
Music is now more ingrained into my life than ever. I continue to play in several groups and lend my creativity and love for music in as many facets as possible. I am co-owner of a top notch recording studio in my hometown, where I also get to collaborate with so many other talented humans and produce music for a wide variety of artists. All of these experiences continue to push me forward and inspire my creative thought on a daily basis. 
In recent years I have had the opportunity to perform as a solo artist and am now heading fairly steadfast into new territory. REFEREE is the name that I’ve given to it. I have encountered many different voices and personalities in the songs that I’ve written and I, Alan Price, am the one stuck in the middle of them all trying to keep it all together. There’s a love for country music, a foundation in Rock N Roll, and a lifetime of incredible, well written tunes that lead my charge. A great song is a great song! It’s my turn to put a few of those on the books and into your ears and hearts. 
Call me Alan. I call myself Referee.

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