WHO is Alan Price?

I've been immersed in music since I was a kiddo and was always taught to hold fast to my dreams, so I have. My musical inspirations are vast and have led me on a never ending creative journey that I am honored and privledged to take. I write songs, sing, play guitar, and have had great opportunities to share my talents & love for music with many artists over the years including some stellar rock bands like SHINEDOWN, Madam Adam, and Souls Harbor. I am currently in the studio finishing my debut Solo album to be released SUMMER 2020. 

I write songs about life and the way it has affected me and I only hope to allow my music to affect others along the way.


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My Original Music

This is an original song "John Wayne", from my upcoming debut album. Filmed in the LIVE ROOM at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, SC

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